Ryobi RTS10 Table Saw Review

If you are someone who likes to create outdoor projects or do woodworking, you handle a lot of various tools to do your work.

While there are quite a variety of options, a table saw is one that is deemed necessary for woodworking and other crafts. If you are someone who does a lot of work in these areas, the Ryobi rts10 may just be right for you.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • It is lightweight for a table saw at 50.1 lbs.
  • Works well for beginners or occasional use.
  • Produces quick and straight cuts.
  • Solid construction.


  • Poor packaging.
  • Non-standard miter grooves.
  • More commonly used for light projects.
  • Some found it to be difficult to set up with vague assembly instruction.

Conclusion of the Ryobi Table Saw

After seeing the reviews and descriptions of the Ryobi table saw, it would seem that this is a great product for those looking to start out in woodworking, or that have occasional projects. It is priced to be very affordable for those not looking to use a table saw consistently. Instructions on the set up seem to be the biggest concern of most buyers, but there are also many youtube videos available for one to look through to help with the assembly of the table saw.

If you are looking for something easy to use on occasion, then the Ryobi table saw would be a great fit for you and is worth checking it out.

The Function of a Table Saw

A table saw is a woodworking tool. It is a table and a circular blade, made with the same pointy edges of a regular saw blade. This tool differs from a regular saw as it is powered by an electric motor, making it easier and more accurate in use. To use a table saw, you line the desired material you want to cut onto the table with where you would like the blade to cut through.

Why would you need a table saw

A table saw is most commonly used in woodworking professions and construction. If you are a builder, you will most likely need a table saw. Table saws are necessary on construction sights as they help to cut materials into their needed size quickly and efficiently. If you have any activity where you are putting something together, and your materials may need to be resized, you should be looking into getting a table saw if you do not already have one.

Most commonly, those who build furniture will use table saws. They are the most efficient way to make a clean and quick cut through the material that you desire to use. When you are working on building a house or an at-home project, again, a table saw is a necessary power tool to help you with your task. A table saw helps you to make long straight cuts through the material in use. Regular saws are much harder to get a straight line from and require much more physical labor and effort in their use.

Another reason as to why you should be using a table saw is safety. A table saw is easier in its use and typically comes with added precautions and safety measures.

Safety While Using a Table Saw

When you are using a table saw, like any power tool, safety should be your first priority. Make sure that you have the proper gear for using power tools. This includes safety glasses or goggles and a dust mask for if your project creates a lot of sawdust.

Some other things to note are that when operating a table saw, you should not be wearing gloves or jewelry. Basically, you will want to avoid anything that can get in the way while working on a table saw.

You will also want to position your body while using the table saw so that it is not in line with the blade. This helps you to avoid any flying bits of material.

Some of what might seem obvious but is worth noting, do not leave the blade until it comes to a complete stop and make sure the blade has stopped turning before you adjust the table or materials.

Safety is important whenever you are using any type of tool.