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List of current wood for sale 

Special Cuts and Burls

This page shows some special cuts and burls. Some of these pieces will be listed for sale now or in the future.
Scroll down and take a look. 
If you have and interest of purchasing any of the pieces or part of them, feel free to contact me.
I can take additional photos if needed.

To enlarge any of the photos, click on it.

The burl on the left and the center are Cherry.
The burl on the right is Maple

This Cherry burl is about 3 foot across.

Better photos will be presented when time can be taken to remove the ice and snow

#1 The burl to the right is the first burl that was cut because it was in the way of every other cut on this side.

This cut is the start of the burl with the #3 marked on it

This burl was the entire length on this side

This is the burl marked #3. It weighs a minimum of 200 pounds green

Another view of #3

nother view of #3

This is the what was remaining after cutting off the # 3 burl. After cutting the burl off to the right which becomes burl # 5 a slab was cut to capture the nice figure which became #4. The slab is about 4.5 inches thick and the length of the burl

This shows the side of the #4 Slab that was cut next.

This is the burl that was cut off of the right side of the photo above Right. This became #5

This is another angle of burl #5

This is another angle of burl #5

#'s 6 & 7

#'s 6 & 7

# 6 side

#'s 6 & 7