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List of current wood for sale

Basswood slabs and squares
If you are interested in purchasing any of this basswood feel free to email me.

All Large cuts of basswood are gone. I have smaller pieces that I have cut and planed.

If you have a size range, email me through the Contact Me link above and I will try to accommodate your needs.

These are large Basswood logs harvested on July 27th 2005 by Barry LaForge, owner of 
Great Lakes Tree Removal in Grayling Michigan.
The logs were too large to cut on a Woodmizer LT 40 band saw mill without modification of the logs.
We had to narrow the logs with a chainsaw so the band saw mill could saw them.
The butt log contained four nails and one fence staple.

Many photos can be viewed at a lager scale by clicking on it.
Listed below are fresh cut green dimensions.

The outside round need to be cut off so the band saw could make the cuts.

I could not haul the entire load on my pickup. Another trip will be made for the remainder.