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Woodshop east side view
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This section list my projects that I have made for customers, the woodshop, my wife and children. This page will grow as I gather photos and time allows. Click on the small photos or the underlined hyperlinks below to go to the individual project pages. 


HeadFootboard1.JPG (37106 bytes)
An arched top queen size head board and foot board with an attached bench

Assembled1.JPG (36690 bytes) Double vanity with two drawer banks
Double Vanity with two drawer banks

Panel construction Vanity and linen cabinet

Sunroom Door with double sided carvings


AshDoor1.JPG (32912 bytes)
Four panel Interior Door Construction

ScreenDoor5.JPG (36761 bytes)
Screen door for the front entrance of the shop

Curved top window trim construction method

PottingShed4.JPG (15612 bytes)


A  garden shed or storage shed which ever you prefer to call it. It is made to look somewhat rustic, old and weathered with a unique stained glass sunburst ornament or sunburst window for the front gable end and a front porch.
 Potting Shed /Garden Shed

 Sunburs2.JPG (9960 bytes)Stained Glass Sunburst Window for Potting Shed

Inside the Wood Shop
This is where the woodworking projects are built.
The shop is 28 x 40' with 20 x 40' storage on the second floor and a 8 x 40' covered area for outside storage.

SpokeShaveRackSmall.JPG (8133 bytes) View some of the racks and holders used to organize the shop

BirdCarvingWindow2.JPG (10291 bytes)Window and door treatments 

CaseComplete.JPG (33668 bytes) Window arrangement with drawers started. See the procedures used to make the case and the drawers

Arbor with bent rail fence
FrontArbor6.JPG (38370 bytes)
  This is an arched arbor that is the entrance to my wife's shade flower garden which is located on the same property as my shop.
The arbor has laminated curved fence rails attached to support fence pickets and to give it an inviting appearance. The wood used is northern white cedar purchase from a local saw mill

Down draft sanding bench
A downdraft sanding table or bench with six drawers for additional storage.

Arbor with benches
This arbor is the side entrance to my wife's vegetable  and flower gardens. It has a bench on each side which provides seating for four. The back of the benches have curved back rests and on each side are an arched trellis which will eventually allow for a vine to climb to provide shade for the arbor.

Walnut/Poplar Coffee Table
CoffeeTable3.JPG (9789 bytes)
This is a coffee table made of poplar and walnut designed by my daughter Alissa.

White Cedar Arched Trellis for climbing rose bushes or vines

SunburstTrellis01.JPG (37530 bytes) TrellisSetInPlace.JPG (40316 bytes)

FootStool3.JPG (50570 bytes) Carved Foot Stool

This is a stool made to go with a chair in our house. There are carvings on the top, apron and legs.


GrowLight2.JPG (8073 bytes)    Grow light for starting plants inside
This is a stand that has four foot lights for starting plants in the house, better known a grow light. The lights are on chains to make them adjustable so as the plants grow they can be raised. The stand is made to come apart without the use of tools, for easy storage when not in use.

This is a Quilt Rack that was built to donate to the Upper Peninsula Snow Gobblers to display the quilt that they giveaway as part of their fund raiser.
QuiltRackDone3.JPG (23076 bytes)

In the process of remodeling an entryway and stairway
Landing2.JPG (37515 bytes)
This is the landing which was constructed to resemble a sunburst.

The six foot bifold doors custom made using ash
These doors were part of the entryway remodel
BiFoldDoorsInstalled2.JPG (37305 bytes)

Coat_Rack1.JPG (34232 bytes) Wall mounted coat rack for the entryway

Entryway_Sitting_Area.JPG (38181 bytes) Updated Entryway

0_VanityMirrorCompleteSmall.JPG (10253 bytes)  
Bathroom vanity and mirror frame with shelf

EntCenterFront.JPG (33351 bytes)
Cherry Entertainment Center

SharpenStation1.JPG (27094 bytes) Sharpening Station with custom made drawer and door wooden handles

Jointer knife sharpening jig

FruitBowl2.JPG (32743 bytes) This link will lead to the page showing the process to make this fruit bowl carved from a black cherry burl

K_CherryBurlBowl1.JPG (40454 bytes) 9 inch turned Cherry Burl Bowl

BladeHieghtSmall.JPG (6999 bytes) Height, depth gauge and layout tool 

B_CherryBurlBowl4.JPG (22330 bytes) Carved Black Cherry Burl Bowl

Table saw or router table sliding jig

EagleRadioBowl1.JPG (22178 bytes) 
Curly Maple Bowl Rescued from firewood heaven 

B06001-01.JPG (25593 bytes) Thin Wall Curly Maple bowl

RoutingBench1.JPG (36979 bytes) Routing, Straightening and Clamping Bench  


Special Projects For Sale
 Maple Crotch yet to saw Current Tools For Sale
Wood currently for sale

Custom furniture, Jewelry Boxes,  Jewelry Chests, Handmade Wooden Items and Carving. Most items are made with hardwoods such as Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Black Cherry and Ash. Also some of the other native woods to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan such as white pine and northern white cedar.

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