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Window Treatment or Arrangement with Storage Made with Cherry, Birdseye Maple, Walnut and Birch

This page shows some of the process' to make one of the window treatments which is in progress for another window in the wood shop.

Most photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Additional photos will be added as progress is made to this window treatment / arrangement.

This photo shows the dados for the dividers between the drawers and the rabbits for the back of the case.

Clamp ing the case together with the drawer divders in place.

A 1/4 inch slotting cutter was used to mill a grove into the top and bottom pieces to accept the 1/4 inch walnut bead molding that I made.

Here's the molding tongue being inserted into the grove.

After the molding has been cut to length with the miters on the end, they are glued and clamped.

This is a jig is used to cut the sockets in the drawer sides.

The jig used the miter slots on both sides of the blade.

Each socket in the drawer side uses both sides of the 14 degree jig.

 Screwing this jig to an extra miter gauge that I have made it easy to switch from side to side while making the sockets in the side of the drawers. The drawers have through dovetails front and rear.