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Vanity and linen cabinet which also doubles as a changing table.
Both made with panel construction made with ash as the primary wood

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Following are construction photos of the vanity and linen cabinet shown above.

The cabinets are panel construction with the panels let into the four legs

This is the construction method used on the legs for the vanity and linen cabinet. Instead of gluing two pieces on the flat to make up the thickness of the legs, two pieces were beveled at 45 degrees then glued together.

Loose tenons (Dominos) were used to align the pieces while the legs were being glued and clamped.

A third piece was add to the leg to fill in.

Mortises were then milled in with the Domino which will allow for attachment of the rails on the front, sides and back.

slots were then milled in the legs to accept the panels.
Then the legs were tapered (two sides) on the bottom three inches.

Joining the legs, rails and panels inserted.

This is the side assembly for the linen cabinet.

This is the back for the linen cabinet.
Three panels were used because of the width.

The back will be made as a section that can be removed.
The water manifolds for the heat are in the wall behind the vanity which need to be accessible.

The vanity has a bank of three drawers.

This is the assembled linen cabinet.
There is a center divider inside with a removable shelf that will be added on each side.

This is the panel door construction.
Loose tenons are used as the joinery method.


This  a strong construction method.

The lumber for the door panels were resawn

then glued together and cut to size.