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Double Vanity with two drawer banks.

This is a double vanity with two drawer banks made from cherry and curly yellow birch.

Double Vanity with two drawer banks Double Vanity with two drawer banks
Linen Cabinet made with cherry and curly birch 
This is the linen cabinet for towels, sheets and pillow cases

This is what is to be a double vanity with two banks of drawers for the house my wife and I are in the process of building.

At this point I sprayed a polyurethane finish on and then installed it in the master bedroom bath after the counter  top was made.

The drawers and doors will be made at a later date because of time constraints.

The vanity ends are frame and panel assemblies instead of plywood. The exposed end is cherry with curly yellow birch panels and the unexposed ends are made with cherry/luan panels.



The vanity is actually four separate units sitting on a single base with the front toe kicks being constructed and installed as a single unit.


Below are some photos taken during the process to get to the above stage.

To enlarge any of the photos, click on it.

This is test assembly is without the toe kick.

Vanities are 36 inches wide

These are some shots of the toe kick assembly

This worked out nice when installing the unit.


This is the construction method for the end panels on the vanities

End panels are assembled and now for the carcass

The bottom of the vanities and drawer boxes made with maple plywood

The face frames were put together with pocket screws

The dadoes in the face frames are used for splines to attach the face frame to the carcass

Gluing the bottom and sides together

Test fitting the styles to the sides


With splines the face frame and carcass sides/bottoms align automatically and provides a very strong joint when the assembly is glued together

I have used this method for many years.

Biscuits can be used in much the same way but it seems I always have an abundance of edge off cuts left over to make the 1/4 inch splines from and the setup is easy and makes test fits easier than trying to align biscuits on the sides and bottoms of the boxes. Sometimes I machine the tongues into the sides instead of using the splines as I did on this vanity some time ago.