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Bathroom vanity and mirror frame with shelf and a space for holding tooth brushes


This a custom made bathroom vanity with a flat paneled door, four drawers. The counter top and back splash are edged with ash.

The mirror frame is also made with ash and has a shelf attached on the bottom with a special area for holding tooth brushes.

Below are some photos of construction details of the vanity and the mirror frame.



Bottom shelf is dado'd into the cabinet sides

Face frame members are held to the carcass with tongue and grove joinery.

This is the joinery used to attach the rear upper cross member to the cabinet sides then pinned. This cabinet was not to be made with a back. This method to attach the cross member to the sides made the cabinet very rigid.

Completed carcass with the face frame attached.

This is the first stage of the two stage door glue up. 
The first stage of the glue up consist of one rail and one stile glued in a jig to keep the assembly square. I glue in two stages because I found it a lot easier to keep from getting glue on the hard to clean areas of the rails, styles and panel.
The second stage is with the panel installed and the remaining rail and stile glued to the first stage glue up.

This photo shows the type of joinery used to construct the drawer boxes.

This is the counter top with the edging be applied. The edging is made of ash also. The plastic laminate will be applied after the edging glue up is completed.

Mirror frame assembly before finish has been applied and mirror installed.

This photo show the back of the mirror frame. The mortise's have been made for the hangers and the mirror retainers.

This is the method I used to make the retainers for the mirror.
Started with a strip o ash 1/4 inch thick by 3/4 inch wide.
The end was marked with the same drill bit I used to make the pockets in the back of the mirror frame. This automatically centered a pilot hole for the screw in the same position as in the mirror frame and made an outline of the radius to shape on the disc sander

Shaping the mirror retainers on the disc sander after they have been marked with the 3/4 inch drill bit.

Hangers and mirror retainers installed. Cork cabinet door stoppers have been applied to the retainers to allow cushion between retainers, mirror and frame.