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This is the latest remodeling job. I am trying to spark new life into an entry way and stairway with a four by five foot landing. The treads, risers and the landing are made of ash. Base molding, door and window treatments are also  made of ash. With plans of making a six foot set of bifold paneled doors for the entry closet and a coat rack with a mirror and moldings to match the window and door casings.
More photos to follow upon completion. 
Many of the images on this page can be enlarged by clicking on the image.
Take a look at the Bifold doors construction  that have been completed for this entryway remodel and the wall mount coat rack.

This is the stair landing after it was assembled and a coat of sanding sealer applied to both sides. It is constructed to resemble a sunburst. The rays follow the turn that must be made to go up to the next string of stairs.

This is in the pain staking process of gluing up the tapered ash boards. Only four to five boards could be glued at a time because of the angles changing so quickly with each board.

This is the tapering jig I made up to make cut the boards for the landing.

This is the landing before the new one was installed

This is the new landing installed 

This is the stairs with carpet and painted skirt boards.

This is the new look with the ash treads and risers. (

Looking down the carpeted stairway

Looking down the stairway once the ash landing, treads and risers have been installed

Custom made ash window casing

Custom made front door and window casing