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Woodshop Window Arrangements and door casings

Also see more Shop Floor Views and a window arrangement with drawers procedure page.
Or View some of the racks and holders used to organize the shop

I decided that I would give each window and door their own look. The hard part is to come up with different designs with the material set aside for this purpose then take the time to construct the design.

The carving in the window above came about from a photo my daughter took of me planning a board one day.
She then drew it on a piece of paper. Then I decided to make it a carving and a component of this window treatment.
I made the window casings to look like planes to try to tie it all together. 
The woods used are Cherry, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple (Plane sides) Walnut and Birch, Flame Birch (panels beside the carving) and Yellow Birch (Carving)
The process involved in making this case with the cherry and Birdseye maple drawers can be viewed on this page

This is the front door casing and carving of a wood bench plane

This is a close up of the carving over the front door

This is the window behind my down draft sanding cabinet.

My daughter Alissa drew the humming bird, flowers and vines on a piece of white pine. Larger View

In the process of making a universal tool rack hanging system similar to the Wood Magazines system

This is the messy sanding area in the shop.

This window casing and arrangement is made up of short pieces of cherry, birch and yellow birch that an old friend gave me that he had stored in his barn for many years. There were not any pieces long enough to go the width of the window, that is why there is a mitered block made of the same molding in the center of the top piece and the top and bottom corners Enlarged Photo

This is a closer look at the block in the center. The upper and lower corners are made the same way.

This window arrangement is made up as the same short hardwood stock I received from an old friend.
Larger View

This is the  upper casing of the window. I made the splice from cherry to exploit it.

The bottom of the side casings were mitered to give the profile in the casing a continuous look but also made to standout because of the use of the cherry.

The top now has a some handy work from my wife Cindy.
Cindy spent hours with the needle and thread years ago to make this for me and I finally came up with a way to present it.
The ship is surrounded with some curly yellow birch with varying shades. The purpose of the way the birch is arranged around the ship was to try to make it appear to be in a sunset.