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Racks and Holders inside the shop

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Inside the Woodshop photos below
    View the completed shop window & door arrangements 
  The size of the shop is 28 foot wide by 40 foot long. The upper storage floor is 20 foot wide by 40 foot long.

  Here's a Rough sketch of the shop layout

The Woodshop photos on this page change frequently as the shop becomes more completed inside.
inside shop photos updated 8/24/2008
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Downdraft Sanding Bench    Sharpening Station
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Looking from near the front entrance to the west end which is the sanding and assembly area.

This is looking to the front entrance door from the sanding area.

Starting at the front entrance door and working toward the west end of the shop. I decided after building the shop that I would have some fun with the door and window treatments.

Lathe and grinding area

The hardwood window arrangements on this wall were mostly constructed from short thin pallet stock produced from a local mill many years ago

The woods used here are cherry, white birch, yellow birch and beech

The needle point to the left was made by my wife the first year of our marriage.
I could never decide on what I wanted for a frame or where to hang it in the house.
Once I started on the window arrangements in the shop I finally decided how to frame my gift. 
It is framed with curly yellow birch.
I selected the curly yellow birch on each side of the ship with hopes of appearing as a sunset.

My daughter Alissa took a photo of me hand planing a board and then drew it on a piece of paper. I then transferred onto this piece of 2 inch thick yellow birch and procedded to carve.

 Later I decided to incorporate the carving into this window arrangement.

The sides of the planes used as the side window casings are curly maple also found in the pallet stock

The dovetailed drawers were made with the short thin pallet stock produced from a local mill many years ago as mentioned above. There is some very small Birdseye in the maple used for the fronts

This is the down draft sanding table/bench

To get to my shop I either walk through my wife's flower gardens which have a lot of birds and humming birds each year or her vegetable gardens.
My daughter Alissa drew this scene on a pine board with the intentions of me carving it. Then I decided to make it part of a window  arrangement in the shop.

All of the sanding is done on the downdraft sanding table or under the dust collector shoot over the assembly table

Most all the tools are hung on racks that can be moved around the shop with ease because they utilize the cleat system

The shelves under the window are supported by the cleat system and can be moved around the shop by picking them up and sitting them back on any cleat elsewhere in the shop

This is the stationary assembly table.
There is a dust collection duct above it to capture airborne dust when sanding large objects like interior doors and cabinets

This is an assembly table with casters.
I made this out of the out feed table that is no longer used at the contractor's table saw. The table also works well when dimensioning stock. The stock can be rolled around to the planer, jointer and table saw for the various operations. It also serves as a desk.

I made the table to to extend to hold longer work when needed. The table measures approximately 3x4 foot when closed.


Above and to the Left is looking from the lumber storage and planer area to the sawing, assembly and working area.

This is the dust collector.
It has a 3HP motor with an 8 inch inlet

The drum is on casters and has a small window to show the height of the chips in the drum.

The collector has 1 micron filter.
There is a separate motor that runs a set of beaters inside the filter every time the dust collector is turned off automatically. At first this was annoying but proved to be a real asset.

This is the main heat source in the shop
an electric ceiling mounted heater.
It has a built in temperature control and fan

Click on the photo to see a rough sketch of the shop layout.