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Sharpening Station

This is a sharpening station I made for the shop. It's main wood is ash. It has a plastic laminate top with ash edging.
After making the drawer fronts and door for the side storage area,  I decided that I did not want to use the handles that I originally had set aside for them. I did not want the handles to protrude from the face any more than necessary,
so I decided to make pockets in the drawer fronts and door to allow my fingers room to grab behind a thin handle that I glued in on the top of the pockets. The photos below show the Sharpening station completed and the process
I used to make the handles.



The photos below show the jigs I made and the process I used to make the handle pockets and wooden handles.

This is the jig I made to make the pocket in the drawer fronts and the door. The pocket allows for space between the back of the wooden handle.

I made a second jig to make a mortise for the handle which a shallower depth than the handle pocket.

A 5/8" bushing was used with a 1/2" straight bit to make the pocket and the handle mortise. A pattern bit could have been used in place of the template bushing.

This is the back of the handle in it's beginning stages. 

I selected a radius for the front corners of the handles.

The handles could have been made with a contrasting wood and many shapes can be incorporated.

I tapered the back of the handles for comfort when grabbing.

The pocket edges and tapered portion of the handle were sanded to soften the edges. 

The handles can be made most any size as long as the length allows room for a few fingers to get ahold of the handle.