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This is a black cherry burl carved out with intentions of leaving most of the organic shape which will be used as a fruit bowl.

Farther down the page there are some of the photos showing the process from the burl as it was cut off of the tree
to the removal of the bark and then the carving out of the center.

Most images below can be enlarged buy clicking on them.

Following below are some photos of the process' it took to get to the finished product.

I flattened the face of the burl still green.

After the face was flattened I screwed a face plate on and turned the top outside edge on the lathe.

I roughed out the inside of the bowl with a router and chisels.

Then the remaining bark was removed from the back or bottom.

The roughed out bowl was then submerged in Denatured Alcohol for a couple of days to prevent cracking.
After soaking in the Denatured Alcohol the bowl roughed out bowl was placed in a paper bag outside of the shop for a week or so to allow the alcohol to escape slowly.


Then I finished smoothing the inside and out with chisels and sandpaper.
After the bowl was in the shop for a couple of days the shape distorted as I expected. I felt this made for a more interesting shape.

Below is a slice that was taken closest to the tree. This will be another story when I come up with an idea for the use of this piece. Any suggestions?