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This is a 8 1/2 inch across and 5 3/4 inches high Curly Maple with a Lacquer finish.
The Denatured Alcohol drying process was used to cure the piece after rough
turning the piece to it's intended shape, which later changed because of cracks
that were caused by sitting out in the sun and wheather.

This past spring (2006) a new radio station came to the town of Newberry, Michigan (Eagle 96.7 FM).
The old trees on the west side of the lot were cut down. These trees were very old and large.
The trees were cut up into firewood size pieces and hauled off except for this one piece.
This piece laid out in the sun buy this maple stump for two months or more and became very weathered and cracked.
I drove by this piece most everyday waiting to see if anyone that had claim to it would remove it.
One day it got the best of me and I called the new radio station to ask if I could pick it up. A week or 
so later I received an email saying I could have the piece and to come and get it.
When I cut into this gnarly piece of firewood I could see it was something more than I had expected.
The new radio station was interested in the history of this property and I thought that this piece of wood 
from this 100 year old plus tree that once towered over the property would tie in with the history.

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