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Curved top window moldings.

The windows in the photos below are made with ash hardwood.

Below are some photos I took while constructing the curved portion of the window casings.
1. I taped wide heavy resin paper tightly to the top of the construction table.
2. I drew the radius I needed on the paper to serve as a guide to layout the pieces to make up the rough molding to cut into a     curve to match the windows.
3. Then the pieces were cut to follow the radius for each window.
4. After the pieces were cut, I used the drill press to drill pocket holes in the back of the individual pieces.
5. With pocket hole screws the pieces were screwed together.
6. A scrap piece of wood was hot glued to the construction table at the center point of the radius to allow for cutting of the curve with a router.
7. Scrap wood was clamped down to the construction table at the bottom on each side of the curve to serve as a
    spacer between the construction table and the molding to be cut.
8. Hot glue was used to glue the top center spacer to the heavy resin paper.
9. The rough curved molding that was screwed together earlier was hot glued to the spacers that were clamped and hot glued
to the construction table in steps 6 & 7.

To enlarge any of the photos, click on it.

2nd Floor Rear dormer window (bedroom)

Front center dormer(2nd floor bath)

Additional outside photos here




Following are photo taken during the development of the two curved window molding show in the photo to the left.

This is a jig that I made for the drill press to drill the pockets for the pocket screws used to connect the short mitered pieces to makeup the curved moldings

I used scrap pieces to make a quick jig to keep the mitered pieces aligned while screwing them together with pocket screws.

This is the larger curved molding after it I was finished screwing together.

In this photo I am setting up the center block for the router pivot point.

I used hot melt glue to glue as a temporary clamp to mount the center block to the resin paper and edge of the bench.

As seen here, I clamped waste blocks to the bench at the ends of the curved moldings then used hot melt glue to secure the ends of the molding down while cutting the curve with the router.

The top waste spacer block was hot glued to the resin paper to hold while cutting

I also used hot melt glue to secure the top of the molding to the spacer block.

I used a handsaw to cut the molding ends after the inside and outside edges had been cut.

Here I am drilling to pocket holes in what are going to be the window sills. This will allow them to secured to the window jam extensions without nailing to the window apron.