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Upper Peninsula White Cedar Arbor with curved back benches.

This serves as the side entrance to the vegetable and flower gardens that are around the woodshop. The potting shed in the background serves as a work area for my wife to prepare her plants and storage for the gardening equipment.

Below are thumbnails photos of the construction. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

MVC-330S.JPG (37442 bytes)

This is that bottom rail for the benches

MVC-769S.JPG (39125 bytes)

This is the jig for bending the top seat rail for the back rest

MVC-326S.JPG (29488 bytes)

The slats for the back of the bench inserted into the top bench back rail

MVC-349S.JPG (39130 bytes)

Constructing the bench portion of the arbor

MVC-351S.JPG (38188 bytes)

This is the construction for one side of the arbor

MVC-350S.JPG (37201 bytes)

The bottom view of the bench. notice the bootom of the post. I had to splice them to make them longer to get below the frost line

MVC-329S.JPG (22331 bytes)

These are the 4x4 extentions that have been mortised to accept the tenons for the posts that are attached to the bench

MVC-327S.JPG (29053 bytes)

This is bent arch that goes above the bench between the support posts

MVC-743S.JPG (55458 bytes)

Assembled and erected without the attached fence