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Sculpted Cherry Burl


The piece measures 21-1/2  inches long by 16 inches wide  by 5 inches High.

The finish is a two step hand rubbed oil then buffed to a soft glow.

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Sculpted Cherry Burl Sculpted Cherry Burl

Sculpted Cherry Burl Sculpted Cherry Burl

Sculpted Cherry Burl Sculpted Cherry Burl

Photos of my journey follow:
After a logging operation had finished thinning the forest that I was in, I was left to decay and become part of the soil.One day I heard footsteps coming toward me. The fellow said, I think Garry would do something to save this odd looking lump of wood.
When Garry took me in I ended up lying inside a dry lumber shed for some time. Then one winter day I was hauled into a nice warm building. I was left in the corner for some days before I was hoisted up on a bench. I was startled when the bark started flying off the outside of my sapwood. After all of my bark had been removed Garry moved on to flatten what was the outside of me in the past. Then as time went on my outside shape began to change to show my deep colors and figure. When my outside was sculpted into something different, I was then flipped over and more of me was being removed until my hidden cavities, colors and cracks were revealed.
After applying a two step oil finish then a long tiring buffing of the finish, I am as now as you see me today.

This the way the burl was when it was found on the ground in the woods

These photos show the coarse bark being removed

The bark has been removed and the shaping of the bottom is underway



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