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Below are photos of the north/front entrance to Cindy's shade garden. 
Cindy just started the gardens in 2003
 and expects it will take her about five years to
develop into what she would like it to become.
There is one acre of land dedicated to flower
and vegetable gardens and the woodshop.

The photos on Cindy's garden pages are from
 different years as they progress and change
with the top most being the latest.

New photos added to the end 9/15/2006

Walking in the front entrance to the left

Continuing up the path

The stones that Cindy chose to boarder the
paths with for the most part 
came from the post holes from the arbors and
fence post holes.
Our property is on a large hill that is made up of
sand, gravel and rocks.

This was part of a branch from a sycamore tree that let loose from the tree in our back yard.

We decided if it were hollowed out,  flowers could be planted in it and it could become an accent in the shade garden