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This is the area Cindy has placed the bird feeders and a place for the birds to get a drink and take a bath.

The finches, humming birds and Doves among other birds hang out in this area

This hot day in July 2005 this black squirrel decided to take advantage of the sunflower seeds pushed out of the feeder from the Doves

After eating the sunflower seeds in the hot sun the squirrel took a look at the water dish intended for the birds.

Hmmm, If the birds can do this so can I.

The squirrel is hanging on the side of the water dish stand taking his turn at the birds water.

After taking a drink at the bird bath Mr. Squirrel decided to relax in the shade just beside the bird bath area.

About a week or so before these photos were taken this squirrel was discovered swimming for his life in one of the water barrels used to store water for Cindy's gardens. I rescued him by putting as stick down in the barrel and the squirrel latched on to it. I set him aside in the yard and after about a half an hour he was rested enough disappear. I think now Mr. Squirrel is a lot more cautious, If you notice in the photo above he is very careful not to climb into the dish.