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We started our new house in October of 2006.

We had the shell constructed and have been working on the inside and outside ever since.
Cindy did not have a chance to work on her gardens in the summer of 2007 because we were insulating, hooking up the plumbing/electrical, painting and laying eight rooms of ceramic tile on the floors and 1100 square foot of engineered hardwood flooring. 

The gardens suffered because of lack of attention and the summer of 2007 was very hot and dry but Cindy has been hard at work this summer of 2008 only now she has another 1-1/2 acres to develop and maintain. This is in addition to her initial acre she developing earlier.

Following are some photos with the first year with plantings around the new house in the works.

Many photos can be enlarged for better viewing by clicking on them

This is the front of the house which faces north.

The next few photos will try to show kind of a panoramic view of the front of our property.

Then photos will show the different areas around the house


The road curves in front of the house as seen here

Heading around the curve of the road
Front porch entrance

Cindy was having some fun here. She wanted something kind of whimsical looking in the front Viewing from the front porch

Looking toward the shade garden from the front of house

This is the west side looking toward the east which is also the front of the house

This photo was taken out the window from the second floor of the barn to give some perception of the back yard scale.

This is looking out the barn window to the northeast toward the front of the property
Now back down on the ground Coming up to the back of the house.
We built the patio area last summer. The door goes into Cindy's Sunroom which is filled with plants.
This is the rear of the house looking from the south.
Cindy has plantings all along the back porch.
This view looks back toward the west at the barn which is the woodshop.
This is the view from the kitchen looking toward a small garden Cindy has been working on most of the summer. Just another view from the back porch. This view can be seen from the kitchen,dining room, living room and master bedroom.
At closer view this is the front of a little cove in the back yard trees. Cindy will be expanding this garden to the back of the cove as time goes on. This view is just to the east of the little cove garden shown at left.
Hollyhocks & Hastas are planted along the edge of the trees. This is a very satisfying view when sitting in the house. 
Looking back Standing near the patio to the direction that the above photos taken from. This is the vegetable garden area which shares Cindy's potting shed and the woodshop. 

This is the east end of the house. There are two retaining walls that we made into planters to give more area for plantings.

This is the retaining wall that we made into a planter in the back yard viewing from the south to the north. This is the same planter as the one to the left but looking to the south which is the back yard.
This is the front retaining wall that we turned into a planter.