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Handcrafted Custom made furniture, Custom Woodworking,  Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Chests, Handmade Wooden Gifts. Most items are made with hardwoods such as Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Black Cherry and Ash. Also some of the other native woods to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan such as white pine and northern white cedar.


Comments from other woodworkers below.
Gary, wow, wow, and then wow again! That looks fantastic!!! The wood is gorgeous. I've never seen an attached bench before. I don't know if I'd like it or not, but it sure does show off your skill and ability. Thanks for showing it off.
(Referring to Cherry/Curly Yellow Birch headboard and foortboard)

I can't add much, except echo the congratulations! Your work is simply stunning. I love the curly birch, and it blends well with the cherry.

Simply outstanding!!!!
Garry.............Stunning.......absolutely stunning! Wood, design, finish.....stunning!
Awesome, simply gorgeous, it took me a couple of looks to realize that the bench is attached to the footboard, very clever.
The design is excellent and the execution looks immaculate. Attaching the bench to the foot board is a fantastically clever idea. Bravo!!!
(Referring to Cherry/Curly Yellow Birch headboard and foortboard)
Garry, I canít think of any superlatives that havenít already been used, so Iíll repeat,


The curly Yellow Birch figure is perfect for a project of this size and scale. It is not overpowering or too intense, but draws attention to the whole design. It is one of my favorite figured woods for larger projects like what you have so beautifully designed and built . Outstanding work and use of materials.
All the best,
(Referring to Cherry/Curly Yellow Birch headboard and foortboard)

OK, how about "wow" backwards??? WOW!!!!   Absolutely stunning, Garry! Design, craftsmanship, selection of wood...Well, just everything about the pieces is simply, WOW!!!!

Hi Garry,

Love the attention to detail in your shop as well as all your other projects. Excellent work. Dovetailed shed base? That about says it all ;) Excellent work. 

Thanks for sharing. 

Wow!!! That's simply beautiful. Are you sure that's your shop. I was just patting myself on the back for finishing out the windows in my shop. I'm embarrassed to even show anyone after seeing yours. Great job, thanks for posting the pics. I may have to take the casing off of mine and try something a little more artsy like you did. Again, beautiful job! 
Garry -
Your window treatments are fabulous, and so inspiring! I'm trimming all the windows in the house and have been casting about for something different. Now I'm thinking about birdhouses over the kitchen windows . . .Thanks for sharing all your great shop ideas!

(Referring to bird carving window arrangement)

You just blew the socks off me and about 50 other guys! Really nice work.

Welcome to the forum. That is one awesome shop.

Joe T
Making Big Sticks Into Little Sticks


Garry Ė what an incredible shop Ė wow! Will you be posting more pictures of both the external & internal layout in the future? Your architectural approach for your shop building is what I have been looking for a long time. I can imagine myself never wanting to leave a place like that!

 Robert W Haines


As a former woodcarver, I appreciate your work here. Isn't it peaceful to carve? Are the birdhouse corner blocks an original idea of yours? VERY clever. - JB 

Reach around ang give yourself a big pat on the back. It must be enormously pleasant to while away the hours in your shop; some will say it is better to invest time/effort in the pieces coming out of the shop -- rather than the shop itself. But I think expending this kind of talent and effort is a wonderful investment toward creating a special work environment.

And that's a great sanding bench too. Did you take any pics along the way that would show us how you put it together?

Thanks for sharing your work.
What a fine way to show your craftsmanship in your shop. You're a talented designer and woodworker.

Don'tcha just hate shops that look so darned good that you would feel bad messing up?

Gorgeous work! Those window casings are a work of art...

Why do they call it a WORKshop if I go there to have fun?

Wow that's  a great bench are you going to be posting more pics of it on your website. Fantastic work and the shop I always dreamed of owning jealous in Burlington Ontario. Thanks Jim
You know, that has got to be the greatest sanding table. I hope you don't mind but I am going to save the picture....
Gail from America's Hometown
(referring to sanding bench)
Stunning and useful, I wish I had that kind of follow through to make my shop furniture look that good! 


(referring to sanding bench)
Boy that looks like something that I would put in my living room! lol 

I like the othr pictures on your web site also! good job!


(referring to sanding bench)
All I can say Garry is WOW!, that's too pretty to use Great job, If it works as good as it looks there won't be a speck of dust in your shop. Thank's for sharing with us.
I try to keep my mind as sharp as my tools
Chuck Hans
Thanks!! After your wonderful post on the window treatments, I was definitely interested in your sanding station. Question...when the dust is drawn to the fan, its captured by the fiter, correct? Do you just empty the filter after each use??
I love the curve treatments on the drawers and the front cover. The pegboard/plywood top is very clever.

Thanks for the post!!!


(referring to sanding bench)
Stunning and useful, I wish I had that kind of follow through to make my shop furniture look that good!


Wow, great stuff. Is the sanding table your design?
There's a workshop in that picture? I couldn't take my eyes off of that gorgeous bench.

Sneaked a peak earlier of your shop. Very nice. The sanding bench and windows were awesome. Welcome and thanks for sharing.

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